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Coho's at Sekiu, Washington

Here's one of the nice Coho's caught at Sekiu, Washington, on August 20. This a great spot to fish on the Olympic Peninsula. Even though King season is closed there, the Coho are biting very strong right now. On our boat with 3 people over a 2 day period we caught and released about 60-65 fish. Out of those, we caught 12 fish that were hatchery fish. The 2-fish limit of Cohos was easy to get but we had to go through a lot native fish to get our 2 hatchery fish per day limit.

King Salmon Off Point No Point

 Caught a 24 pound King Salmon off Point No Point Wednesday, August 8, at tide change. Mooching with a whole herring and a 6 oz weight in about 120 feet of water.  
 Fishing for Kings has been good at Point No Point - look for fish to be holding an hour before and an hour after tide change.  
 Skunk Bay is a good place to troll after tide change on an outgoing tide. Fishing has been good, but sporadic.  This is the case at Point No Point usually.  
 Look for fishing to really start heating up on the north and south end of Vashon Island and also off Manchester-Blake Island area.