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Fishing at Salsbury Park, Kitsap County

In August, I took my nephew Gavin who was visiting from Hawaii, fishing at Salsbury Park.  The fish were biting on spoons, buzz bombs, and whole herring. We caught two fish on whole herring and one fish on a Luhr-Jensen teardrop spoon in the fire tiger finish.

                                             Gavin caught a nice Coho on the teardrop spoon. 


Battle Point Pond Stocking on Bainbridge Island

Trout Unlimited Chapter 383 in partnership with the Bainbridge Island Fly Fishers stocked Bainbridge Island's Battle Point Park's Pond. We accomplished two stockings on two separate days. Each stocking consisted of about 250 German brown trout with a few tiger trout thrown in.

We did this to promote children's interests in outside activity such as fishing and fly fishing. The trout are doing very well in the pond and now the Kitsap Fly Anglers and Kitsap Trout Unlimited will be hosting a kids fly fishing day on September 2nd at Battle Point Pond to promote the joy of fly fishing and healthy outdoor activities for our youth.  

  Stocking the Pond. 

                                                      A representative tiger trout. 

Cast 4 Kids

 On June 15, Bainbridge Fly Fishers, Trout Unlimited Chapter 383, Kitsap Poggie Club, and the Girl Scouts of America hosted, in conjunction with Cast 4 Kids - a kids fishing day at Island Lake in Kitsap County, Washington.  

Each participant was given a fishing rod and reel combo, a Cast 4 Kids shirt and was allowed to go fish in an area of the lake that was stocked with trout. The event helped teach youngsters the joy of fishing.  

Here is a picture of the event with Kitsap Trout Unlimited and Poggie Club member Lloyd Trudeau. 

This picture is the fly tying demonstration put on by Trout Unlimited.